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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There Is No Muslim World

Still busy here, but I have to comment on the constant use of the "Muslim" world.

Its a staple of dumb politics to group people in to large, vague groups that can be easily offended or easily swayed. "Black community", "Arab street", "white vote" and so on. It's sad to see our President publicly using such terms.

There is no such thing as the Muslim world. There is no monolithic singular consciousness of Muslims who will swoon at the word of our President. Islam has several distinct and conflicting branches, and in some countries these branches are at war with each other.

So when our President talks to the Muslim world, who is he talking to? Shiites? Sunnis? Salfists? Wahabbis? Who? What about classical liberal Muslims? What about communist Muslims? What about... and so on and so on.

If he's going to talk to nobody and say he's talking to millions, just put him on prime time TV again. But don't make Americans look like idiots (more than the world already thinks we are) by pretending all Muslims think alike.

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