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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eye on Iran

Busy day. 1st Wedding anniversary. Also, happens to be the day the Mullahs tricks and lies finally come to a head. Some of the biggest protest since the Revolution are underway in Tehran due to the questionable victory of President Ahmadinejad. My phone has been blowing up with Twitter updates by pretty much everyone I'm following.

As of now, the updates say that power has been cut to Tehran and the protesters are having to circumvent the Iranian censors using any social networking software they can. Police have been seen going door to door trying to shut down all internet connections in the city.

Let us hope the freedom loving Iranians make their mark on the Mullahs.

Updates to come.

UPDATE: @change_for_iran is saying that the secret police are looking for a student activist at the Economics college and are actively trying to get inside the locked building.

UPDATE II: Secret police have been targeting female students. Over 100 have been arrested, including journalists and famous dissidents. Worst is that the MSM has barely covered it. During night, no station had complete coverage, but snippets. The BBC had a story about dogs and flowers when I tuned in.

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