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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Line: A Rant

There comes a time when you just throw your arms up in frustration. Everyone has those days. They come often enough. You do it at work, with family, with some kind of drama, at the DMV; something crosses the line from a simple problem to a thorn in your skull twisting until you can't take it.

That's what it's felt like since Obama won. A small problem (his statism) that has grown into frustration beyond belief. It isn't just the President, though, it is those who believe in him, those who back him ideologically, and those who seek to profit from his corporatist economics. It's the isolationists and selective imperialists who celebrate his soft line against the Iranian tyranny. It's the lazy and the well off who celebrate his push for universal health care. It's the idealists who refuse to notice the mistakes, the PR fiascoes (a ice cream stunt on the day of a major Iranian dissident protest). All these people, all these false prophets and pseudo-intellectuals. The just turn the vice harder while whispering soothing words of “equality” or “non-intervention”. To them, it's all good, as long as it's their vice.

The line, right now, is economic freedom. When I read some youngin' post about fairness or read Ezra Klein bemoan private insurance, I go “I get it. I get it.” While I'd love to see the welfare state die, I understand that somethings we just can't take back unless we want some serious dissent. I get we're going to keep welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, social security. That's all part of our culture now, not just simple programs. I get they'll stay, and you know what, they make some sense when they are run efficiently and minimally.

But they aren't arguing for either, at least not at heart. They may say federally run insurance or health care will be better, at lower cost and all that bullshit, but what they are arguing for is material fairness Green-eyed activists licking their chops at the wealth behind private insurance. They are, at heart, nothing more than cows looking at a new pasture ready to mow it clean. We all know what cows do when they eat...

This is a basic moral story, if we bring it down to terms even a five year old can understand. During his life, Jesus was tempted by Satan with comfort, riches and power. Jesus rejected these things. He was in poverty, but when offered the world he went with his principle and not his ambition.

Today's government, to be accurately crude, is a collective Satan. It offers riches to those that accept its creeds. Pours honey into your ear while your gold purse is cut from your belt. It grows and grows and grows and the misery of humanity grows with it. And, most of all, if you are ever targeted by its wrath, you are very certainly going to be in a hell beyond your imagination. But, hey, the key to avoiding all this is to be on government's side, no matter the problem, no matter the cost, no matter the loss of principle. No matter what.

Liberals like to believe their hearts are big and their brains are bigger. Alas, they refuse to realize that there is a devil in the world. There is something that infects us and makes us evil. It's envy. It's power. It's blind idealism. It's the loss of humbleness. It's material obsession. It's our own flaws. Liberals think they can change human nature through government. They have not only shaken hands with the devil, but put him on their shoulders.

They will reap what they sow. They will regret ever giving up freedom for fool's gold.

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