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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't Wet Your Pants, Shep

I was listenting to Fox News on my SIRIUS radio on my way to work and it seemed poor Shepard Smith was making a mess about how the DHS report on right-wing terrorism was correct in the light of the Holocaust Museum shooting. He didn't cite it by name, he kept using the words "report" and "reports". He went so far as to read kook emails about Obama's birth certificate to show the insanity of the far-right and how the DHS was correct. All this before they really knew the age and politics of the shooter.

Shep, I don't think the DHS talked about an elderly, mentally ill, racist World War II vet.

I despise kooks just as much as the next sane folk, but that DHS report was far from nuanced and wouldn't have done crap to stop this attack, considering the guy parked his car, walked up and started shooting. It wasn't like hung out in the Museum and whispered about Jew money and the Holocaust myth.

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