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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Comment on A Murder

The senseless murder of George Tiller has brought back the fear of right wing terrorism. Nary a hour went by after the he was killed before the Left throwing its arms up in outrage over the right wing's violent means and ignoble ends. They want to kill doctors and enslave women, some will say. They are fascists and want to eliminate liberals, David Neiwert will gleefully post, making sure to plug his new book on the subject of violent conservatives. With a single murder, the first murder of an abortionist in a decade, the Left will paint an entire conservative movement, the pro-life movement, with a brush dipped in the blood of a murder victim. A single death, with the help of a sensationalized media and well-trained political hounds, may take down a movement that's spent the past ten years trying to remove the stain of fringe individuals committing evil acts.

And yet, as cold as it is to do so, I think about the past ten years of the far left, I seem to remember those years starting with the destruction of downtown Seattle by anarchists and other anti-capitalist protesters. I remember ten years of terror attacks by the Animal Libertarian Front and the Earth Liberation Front on property and people, including setting bombs under cars (which some went off, burning their targets), kidnapping and torturing scientists as well as harassing families. I remember the anti-capitalists in Miami, those arrested in New York at the 2004 RNC, those arrested in 2008 with plans to bomb the RNC in St. Paul, and so on. Does the mainstream Right bring up ALF and ELF and try to paint Al Gore with its horrific acts of violence? I've never seen it.

The murderer of Mr. Tiller should be brought to justice and given the harshest of sentences. Not because he sullied the pro-life movement, something I don't have any stake in, but because it's the law and what a moral society demands. Already, many famous pro-lifers like Kathleen-Jean Lopez of National Review have called for this evil man's head, despite the conservative fringes playing up the murder as a righteous act.

To make the murderer out to be hero would be an immoral thing to do. To make any murderer out to be a hero is immoral. Just ask the Left about Bill Ayers. A man who committed violence and killed in the name of his beliefs. He was sent to jail and eventually regretted his actions. He was condemned far and wide by the mainstream Left and nary a left-wing politician had any connections with the man.

Oh, wait...

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