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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sir Walter Scott on Social Revolutionaries

From Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind, Seventh Revised Edition, pages 123-124:
"It takes only the hand of a Lilliputian to light a fire, but would require the diuretic powers of Gulliver to extinguish it. The Whigs will live and die in the heresy the world is ruled by little pamphlets and speeches, and that if you can sufficiently demonstrate that a line of conduct is most consistent with men's interest, you have therefore and thereby demonstrated that they will at length, after a few speeches on the subject, adopt it at once. In this case we should have no need of laws or churches"
Way back (2 years ago), in my days as a revolutionary anarchist, it didn't take more than a well written essay to continue the political fire that stirred in my heart. I had somewhat of an excuse then... my mind was still of a child's idealism and my age was barely out of my teens.

I ask to the older revolutionaries now... what's your excuse?

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