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Sunday, October 26, 2008

12th Iraqi Province Handed Over

NOTE: A format change. I will only use footnotes for sources not on the web as an article can get cluttered with unnecessary footnotes.

More good news from the former "quagmire":
U.S. troops handed over control of Babil province, a predominantly Shiite central province, to Iraqi forces on Thursday, making it the 12th of Iraq's 18 provinces to be handed over to the control of Iraq's own security forces.

Babil was once so filled with violence that the northern part of it was dubbed "the triangle of death" by U.S. forces.

General Petraeus's strategy, a revised and modern version of the Marine's inkblot strategy from Vietnam, has laid the foundation for victory.

Even now, sadly, there are naysayers like Kennedy, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama, that hold that Iraq is still somehow a failure. It was on the road to failure two years ago when those in running it were not fighting to win, but fighting to hold steady. Bush changed that with Petreaus, and for all of the President's mistakes, and there are many, he should be congratulated on a decision that has saved lives and maybe stabilized our future a little bit more.

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