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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Folly of "Change You Can Believe In" ... How the Blind Sheep Follow....

There is no doubt in my mind that the title of this column will anger Obama supporters; however, this is for the ones who still have the capability of deprogramming their minds.

My desire to write this piece stemmed from people watching....hearing how they'll dance in the streets, get drunk and wildly celebrate on November 5th, should their "chosen one" win. While I'd never criticize young, impressionable minds from engaging in the political process; I do take issue with their blind faith that one man is going to undo the country's problems. While they haven't seen enough presidential elections to know better, the key issue is why so many believe that success in their life rides on who sits in the White House. This is a very strange belief for a country whose principles stood for limited government.

Almost 40 million people watched the half-hour presentation - millions of dollars well spent by the Obama campaign. So much for campaign finance rules. I guess those only apply to grassroots politicians who think they can still make a difference. It's nice to have friends in Hollywood. The set was very well done; it was well scripted and directed. Apart from that, what did this half-hour documentary achieve? Millions of dollars allowed people to watch a half-hour's worth of substanceless nonsense...a pathetic attempt to move to the center...promises that could never be kept...and no mention of how he intends to pay for all he wishes to give away. The accountant in me still wants to know.......

I understand the frustration of voters who are wondering if the principles of limited government will ever be resurrected, or has George W. Bush put the nails in the coffin for good? To those voters who believe that Obama and the government are the answer, I ask that you consider the following:

How is it that Obama can bring change and work for the people when corporate America owns him? He's already been bought by the biggest investment houses in the world. Both candidates have, but I'm not making a case for John McCain here. Follow the money trail, and you'll see. We hear that NBC is "in the tank" for Obama. Wonder why? Follow the trail. NBC is a subsidiary of General Electric. Why does GE care? How money does GE get by way of government grants? Google and see.

As for the corporate bailouts, Obama received the biggest donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in his very short tenure in the Senate. "Too big to fail" they say. There is no such thing in a true capitalistic environment. Too big to fail simply means less competition. Less consumer choice means more control by the government who now owns a stake in the banking industry. Socialism much? Who is alarmed that corporate America has an open siphon to the U.S. Treasury?

Taxes. One may ask how corporate America could buy Obama when he wants to tax them. That makes no sense! It makes no sense to the untrained voter. Who essentially pays business income tax? Can an entity really pay tax? Truth is taxes will never hurt profit margin. Corporations pass the tax to the consumer in many ways: 1) higher prices for products, 2) layoffs, 3) outsourcing, or 4) all of the above. Martha Stewart says that they'll just have to suck it up because they can afford to pay the tax. I wonder if her company will lay off workers in the next four years. Corporate America is not afraid of Obama because they know how they can pass that tax on - pass it on to the very people he says he'll protect while he is in office.

Democrats' desire to woo the working class in America with goodies is nothing new. Some will always be happy with the crumbs they are tossed at the expense of their upward mobility in society. I've seen many presidential elections, but I have never seen such a blind following. Hats off to the Obama campaign for taking the same old tired rhetoric and passing it off as change. Jeers to the Republican Party for straying so far off principle that George W. Bush has become a conservative in people’s eyes. Which is the bigger myth?

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