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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Injecting Race into the Race by Those Against Race in the Race

A few months ago, race was a non-issue in the 2008 election according to the left:
The theory that race is holding back Mr. Obama’s candidacy rests on a pretty simple premise. Adherents argue that the Democratic candidate ought to be effortlessly leading by double digits in the polls at this point — and that his failure to do so can only be explained by latent racism among older voters.


These are flawed assumptions, however. While it’s entirely possible that Mr. Obama’s race is costing him some support, it’s also true that the electorate that voted in the last two presidential elections was almost symmetrically divided between the two parties. It would defy the laws of politics if, at this early stage of the campaign, moderate Republicans and conservative independents were to reject Mr. McCain (a candidate many of them preferred back in 2000) simply because they don’t like George W. Bush. [1]
Now, its the reason to vote Obama:
Look, Mr. Obama’s skin color is a bad reason to vote for him or against him. Substance should always trump symbolism.

Yet if this election goes as the polls suggest, we may find a path to restore America’s global influence — and thus to achieve some of our international objectives — in part because the world is concluding that Americans can, after all, see beyond a person’s epidermis. My hunch is that that is right, and that we’re every bit as open-minded about racial minorities as Jamaicans already were a quarter-century ago [when they elected a white man]. [2]
And its a reason to vote against the GOP:
The GOP code isn't hard to crack: There's the America that might vote for Obama (a suspect America populated by people with liberal notions, big-city ways and, no doubt, dark skin), and then there's the "real" America, where people live in small towns, believe in God and country, and are ... well ... white. [3]
And to have white guilt and hate white people:
So why do Republicans hate democracy? Maybe because they are the party of Oligarchical White Privilege. And democracy is about to kick them in the ass. [4]
I get really frustrated when those on the left bring up race, but attack the right for it for things that aren't race-based at all. The logic is missing, and the hypocrisy is front and center.

A very smart, yet misguided leftist friend of mine declares a robocall [5] by the McCain campaign racist not because of anything within the call, which informs the listener that Obama worked with communist terrorist Bill Ayers, but because its being played in the South and as we all know (wink wink) the South is racist. Apparently, putting "Obama" in the same sentence with "terrorist" will incite a vast and deep hate akin to the anti-Muslim/anti-Arab hate seen after 9/11 (except Obama is half-black, half-white) and will force a mindless Southerner to attempt to assassinate Obama. So, to be responsible, we cannot make the Obama-Ayers connection in the South, or any other area where racists reside [6].

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