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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Views

A quick view of my views.


I have some personal objections to abortion that stem from a logical standpoint and from my personal view that I'd never want to abort a child that is mine. My biggest gripe with abortion is the Roe v Wade ruling. It was a hugely expansive reading of the 14th Amendment that came no where near the original intent of the Amendment and violate the principles of federalism. It was one thing to strike down the Texas law that was being ruled upon, but it was another to turn around and impose the ruling on the entire nation without nary a democratic vote.


I believe a more competitive education system would do much better than the current monopoly. Allowing vouchers for private schools would be a great start. A reformation of the education system that promotes competition between schools based on grades would also help.


Create incentives for alternative energy while continuing to explore for oil and other modern fuels. We cannot strangle ourselves now so we can hope that a new fuel on the scale of gasoline will arrive sooner. The market will and always has provided new technologies. The recent spike in gas prices has driven the consumers to buy smaller cars and cars with good MPG. It will take time to transition, but it will happen.


Take moderation in dealing with global warming and its consequences to our economy. The top global warming scientist, Dr. James Hansen, recently gave his moral backing to eco-terrorists [1]. There is no doubt there is warming. There is no doubt we have some impact. But we must be wary of alarmists and radicals co-opting science for other agendas.


Why is it the 2nd Amendment is the only one on the Bill of Rights to be outright banned in some areas heavily regulated in others? The 1st isn't banned in Chicago and regulated in Los Angeles. The 4th isn't given so much scrutiny. It is an individual right affirmed by Heller v DC and we are so very lucky it did not go the other way due to Justice Kennedy's strange notions of "evolving standards of decency" [2]. The 2nd Amendment protects all others, and protects the individual from criminals. Guns are not the problem. Criminals are the problem.

Health care

It says something when we have a inefficient and expensive health care system and the market is blamed. In fact, the US government pays near 50% of all health care expenses. This is not the market, but a mixed industry. Universal Health Care, while noble, is hugely expensive and the ability to stop abuse and runaway spending would be near impossible. The US is already near bankrupt from its other mass social programs. UHC would be the death knell.

Homeland Security

Reform is needed. The federal government cannot, and should not, control the security in every major airport. Such massive centralism has bred mass incompetence. Devolve power to the states and cities while keeping a close-eye upon those parties. If needed, privatize.


Build the damn wall. Borders are not invisible lines. They are legal boundaries that must be respected and protected if we are to keep our national sovereignty intact. The Europeans have strict border control. The Mexicans SHOOT the illegals that cross into their country. Are we to be the only country not to build a wall when there is a illegal immigrant problem?

LGBT issues

I support gay marriage (or unions, whatever word that will end this inane culture war). They must have the same legal rights as straight couples as everyone is equal under the law. Its either that or get government out of marriage.

Social Security

Privatize it. The current money pot is so broken we would need to raise taxes over 50% to get close to stopping it. People paying into their own SS account is smart and much more free than allowing the current generation to raid it, leaving nothing for those once the Boomers die out.


Taxes must be lowered, espically corporate taxes. The reason our corporations flee is because we tax them twice as much as places such as Ireland, who while now in recession due to the credit crisis, was booming with new jobs, companies and a slew of new citizens willing to work those new jobs. If we want to have a booming physical economy in this nation and not rely on bubble after bubble, we need to treat our businessmen with respect, not treating every one of them as if they are all Enron or WorldCom.

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