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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Crap. It's In All Caps.

I spread around Vox Day's version of male hierarchy to some friends and one of my left-wing friends returned with the following:
Jordan, you actually read Vox Day?

For those who aren't aware - Vox Day is the pen-name of Theodore Beale. He is a misogynist , a racist, and a anti-Semite.

While no evidence was ever given for the racism or antisemitism charges, the misogyny charge was followed by:

He wrote that according to the traditional Judeo-Christian ethic a woman who is not entertaining the possibility of sex with a man can only be considered a innocent victim should she be raped by that man, and that rape is no better or worse than extramarital sex from a moral perspective because "Christianity knows no hierarchy of sins."

The man is an unapologetic NAZI.
[emphasis mine]

Wow. That's just wrong.

You know, the leveling of the charge of Nazism on a Christian libertarian, not the moral opinion of a Christian man, who made sure to you knew he wasn't arguing anything but his own view on Christian morality, with a blog and no power or will to actually enforce his moral code on others.

I've written on here about how Nazis were neither Christians nor were they libertarians. I have no idea how a far-left, centralized, socialistic, neo-pagan ideology could get mixed up with a strict Christian libertarian who's against the War on Terror. Well, other than the normal historical ignorance of the Left.

And the kicker of all this for me: Nazi being in all caps. As if putting the word in ALL CAPS makes it irrefutable. *

My friend isn't the only one who does this, which is both sad and satisfying. Sad that so many people are ignorant to the ideological reality of Nazism and neo-Nazism. Satisfying that its so damn easy to refute.

Unless one can find me irrefutable evidence, not ALL CAPS mudslinging, against Vox, I'll stick to reading his blog for economic insight... and now, apparently, for the pure joy of annoying my far-left friends.

*Apologies to Jonah Goldberg for stealing his line

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