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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

National Aeronotical and Space Adminstration Told To Ignore Space


I may be about small government, balanced budgets and not wasting money, but space exploration is something very unique that America has done well.

The shift to climate science is pretty disheartening in light of the massive scandals surrounding the esoteric nature, not to mention the fudging of numbers, of climate science. That's not to say NASA can't work with agencies like NOAA on climate science, but NASA's main goal has always been expanding the understanding and pushing the frontier of space exploration by camera and by human beings. To axe its human exploration programs means we're too busy staring at our navels (a Baby Boomer aspect I did not miss) instead of going out into the unknown and finding awesome new stuff to do.

Our civilization is never too old or too mature to not get excited at the idea of exploring.

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