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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Wouldn't Want To Be Single Today

The Weekly Standard has an amazing article on the modern dating scene, if you can actually call it dating. The author takes the feminists and the sexual revolution to task for the axing of old school courtship and marriage, saying that the removal of these things has lead to a world where both men and women are more worried about getting laid as many times as possible before "life" (aka, maurity, masculinity, good social norms) catches up to them. This, in turn, has robbed beta males and females of good stock, as well as psychologically damaged the views they have of traditional society and marriage. The most damaging thing of all, in my eyes, is that preening, metrosexual, American Psycho-style looks obsessiveness is considered alpha male content.

Really, how the hell did this guy become more manly than this guy?

She concludes with this:
The whole point of the sexual and feminist revolutions was to obliterate the sexual double standard that supposedly stood in the way of ultimate female freedom. The twin revolutions obliterated much more, but the double standard has reemerged in a harsher, crueler form: wreaking havoc on beta men and on beta women, too, who, as the declining marriage rate indicates, have trouble finding and securing long-term mates in a supply-saturated short-term sexual marketplace. Gorgeous alpha women fare fine—for a few years until the younger competition comes of age. But no woman, alpha or beta, seems able to escape the atavistic preference of men both alpha and beta for ladylike and virginal wives (the Darwinist explanation is that those traits are predictors of marital fidelity, assuring men that the offspring that their spouses bear are theirs, too). And every aspect of New Paleolithic mating culture discourages the sexual restraint once imposed on both sexes that constituted a firm foundation for both family life and civilization.

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