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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Magic Lamp Syndrome

Is it me or do the people of America watch too much TV?

In the past few years we've seen two superstars from both ideological sides ride into Washington on waves of adoration and political comeuppance. They stroll into the Capitol with their heads cocked up, their eyes burning with change and their backs being patted by citizen and a party alike. And then, wouldn't you know it? They betray the masses in a single stroke or a single vote.

POOF! The magic is gone. What is an American to do?

Stop believing in political superstars. Obama has already alienated almost everyone with the health care bill except the puppets over at the Center for American Progress and DailyKos. Brown just cut off his cajones despite his voting base for a jobs bill that doesn't create jobs.. Palin has taken it upon herself to lecture us on the sensitivity of the mentally handicapped while trying to court the anti-PC crowd. Reacting to one-line e jokes in TV cartoons, no matter how legit the complaint, is just dumb.

The woman who thought Obama would pay her way to happiness is now probably one of the 10% of homeowners in foreclosure. The Tea Party got its ass handed to them by Scott Brown's reverse Romney, voting for statism AFTER being in the limelight. These Ds and Rs are not genies that'll fix the country once you vote them in. They are people who make the choice to take up political office, usually with the foreknowledge that to get there it takes no small amount of lying and breaking promises.

The less Americans laud the preening pansies of Washington, the more readily they'll notice the crap they get in return.

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