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Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Things Just Aren't Funny

And I'd like to put Wanda Sykes entire skit in that column.

Honestly. The President's basketball game? Then, a novel that spits venom at Rush, Gov. Palin and the rest of the current targets of the liberal/leftist hit list.

Mr. Colbert's ballsy and hilarious roast of President Bush spared nothing. Colbert could be a out-of-his-mind communist, I'd still think what he said was great. I have to say that Colbert is one of the best satirists of the right wing.

The whole point of the dinner is for journalists to pat themselves on the back and for comedians to roast the President to his face. If that's gone out of the window for our new President, as it seems everything else has including mustard choice, I think I'd rather endure a rendition of Cats, in bad Gaelic translated from Chinese by Japanese game programmers, as performed by Code Pink. Naked.


yukio ngaby said...

How about Riverdance performed by a local high school?

snaggletoothie said...

The best commentary I've seen on Wanda Sykes performance was, "What, was Kathy Griffin booked that night?"

Harrison said...

If she wanted to be funny why not talk about how different Ms. California and Obama's positions on gay marriage are so different?