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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Everyone In Canada is Sorry...

...just those who find political opportunism in terrorist supporters:
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he will continue to press the Harper Conservatives on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka but is distancing the party from a Tamil-Canadian protest that shut down a Toronto highway.

The thousands of people who flooded onto the Gardiner Expressway on Sunday left only after receiving assurances that the Liberals would raise their plight in Parliament.

Monday, Ignatieff issued a statement urging that future protests be lawful and stressing that Liberal MPs took no part in the protest.

Premier Dalton McGuinty also assailed the tactics of the protesters who shut down the highway, saying the bloodshed in Sri Lanka does not justify such action.

Some protesters chanted their support for the Tamil Tigers - considered a terrorist group by the Canadian government - and Ignatieff says the Liberals unequivocally condemn the group.
The Tamil Tigers are defeated in Sri Lanka. This "plight" is simply an attempt to get Western nations to fool themselves into saving a group that has long terrorized Sri Lanka and India, and who also pioneered the suicide bomber.

1 comment:

Toronto Condos said...

I am of the same opinion here. The pointless attempts and protesting is getting really ridiculous. It only causes more problems for every day people who run into trouble because of these protests. Why don't they stand in a middle of a field and quietly protest there.

Take care, Elli