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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Reasonable Left Roundup

Apparently, Brad Blog is still fighting four year old fights and wrapping itself up in a murder conspiracy to boot.

The Smirking Chimp, like Brad Blog, is lost in the past. Doomed to play the "I'm outraged, you should be to!" card, it attacks journalists smarter than the author of this lovely post and its contents, such as:
Friedman is the nation's most prominent opinion writer. He wins journalistic prizes. Audiences shell out big bucks to hear him speak. Book collections of his columns become bestsellers for months on end. Yet the dude can't write. I'm not talking about his opinions. Friedman doesn't know how to arrange nouns and verbs in a way that is pleasing to readers of the English language. He is to writing what George W. Bush is to oratory.
Honestly, who doesn't like ad hominem attacks? What would the Left be without them?

Probably out of work.

UPDATE: Kos Kids Kry Konspiracy:
In the past few weeks, it has come to my personal attention that one cable or satellite company after another has been quietly moving MSNBC away from the news channel section of their lineup and into the premium section, or into the stratosphere of three and four digit channels.

As a result, when the ratings came out this week, it was no surprise to see how MSNBC is now a distant third behind CNN and FOX.


If we don't do anything about this, we may lose MSNBC's liberal voice all together.

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