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Monday, October 5, 2009

You're Too Stupid to Argue Politics: Moral Outrage

Dear God in Heaven, it's been one of those months. Missile defense, the slow death of the public option, Chicoms getting a birthday wish from an American landmark, Joy Behar getting her own show and Iran's not-so-secret nuke plant to name but a few. Everything is just dannnnnndy this September, ain't it?

However, what's getting me today is backwards moral outrage.


What? Really? Hold on a tick.

“Health care reform,” as it's used by the Left, means government-run health care. It means the public option. It means more regulation. It means a closed market like they're trying to do with student loans. Reform, as far as I remember, means changing the current system. It doesn't specifically mean having government shove its hands up the collective asses of American doctors. It could also mean (SHOCKINGLY) reversing the decades of uneven and conflicting regulation and (SHOCKINGLY) freeing up the market to small individual providers who don't lobby Congress to fence the market in their favor.

The speediness that the Left wants this passed (the day before yesterday) is amusing, because the reform bill currently on the table wouldn't be implemented until 2013. FOUR YEARS. Rush through reform so we can wait? Something is up. Usually, it’s the uncanny ability of smart Americans to notice things that may be wrong... like... the entire damn thing. Why do you think Obama wanted it done in August? It wasn't because he was going to sunbathe with Nancy in Hawaii and wanted to keep the date.

These people, not every Leftist, but the big, loud, super morally outraged at every damn thing but things that matter, are sick people. These are the same folk who support the troops by rooting for the Taliban and pushing to cut funding to the war. These are same people who check the casualty lists so they can be outraged at the increasing number, all the while they are for the restrictions on the war that get our men and women killed more often. These people like bad things, so they can use it to change the world. It's a tactic of the far Left... create the chaos so you can change the world. The anarchists of the 19th and 20th centuries blew up buildings, murdered nobles, massacred priests, creating the authoritarian response that would bring people to their side. Today's out-of-their-mind Left follows in their footsteps.

Think about it. Why did the housing market crash? First, the Fed kept credit cheap, so loans were cheap so people could keep buying houses. “It's the American dream to own a home,” was the call. Second, the government manipulation of the home loan market with various programs and institutions that either forced or disproportionately loaned at sup-prime rates to people with bad credit, no credit or little income. Community ratings. Housing rights. Name your social justice catch-theme. It all contributed to the downfall. And now, after the CRA, after ACORN, after the obvious failing of government diddled markets, they want MORE rules and MORE special interest. Dear God.

Now, what does this have to do with health care? Let's see. People can't buy across state lines. Employer-based health care is the only way many people can get insurance. The FDA has monopoly power over what drugs get on the market. Issues like massive corporate tax rates, mandated coverage for non-health emergency things like simple check ups that people can pay out of pocket, monopoly-regulation on different drugs depending on who is running Congress, and the list goes on and on. The health care insurance market is full of so much GOVERNMENT red tape, the private industry red tape can wrap around the ass of a dust mite with just enough slack for a nice little bow.

For God's sake, Ted Kennedy, the lion of the Senate, the icon of government health care, the great man of the little man, was cared for.... IN A PRIVATE HOSTPITAL!!!!! That shows you who he trusts with his life.

If you want to be outraged, how about at Chicom labor camps, North Korean mass graves, Cuban execution of gays, Venezuelan closing of free press, Bolivian discrimination of natives, British arresting of kids for playing war... SOMETHING that actually deserves some outrage.

The politically ignorant emotional jerkings of a rotting corpse of ideological laziness does not make a moral code. Got it?

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