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Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama Plays the Populist Card

When in doubt, it is always safe to pander to the masses. President Obama’s approval ratings have taken a severe hit; but there is no better way to try and change direction than to have sharp words for Wall Street bankers and to portray himself as siding with the little guy. However, there are many facts the President left out of his little P.R. stunt.

During his interview on 60 Minutes Sunday evening, he said “I didn’t run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.” Is that so Mr. President? If one has paid any attention to President Obama’s first 11 months in office, they would be very well aware of the fact that he has not only continued, but has expanded the Bush/Paulson bailout plan. He has also recently considered bailouts for the ailing newspaper industry.

The President may claim that he has no intention of helping Wall Street fat cats, but one is left to wonder why these fat cats were so generous in their donations to his presidential campaign. (1) Goldman Sachs was President Obama’s second largest donor contributing nearly $1 million to his campaign. The top ten list included Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Company, Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and General Electric.

These fat cats have invested heavily in this administration since they not only get rewarded for their irresponsibility; they also stand to profit immensely off of their proposed policies such as Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade would do absolutely nothing to address climate change concerns, but it would give the government tremendous power while companies like Goldman Sachs would profit off of the commissions. Goldman Sachs currently owns a 10 percent stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange. All of this would be at the CONSUMER’S expense. President Obama can spew rhetoric all day long that talks about heavy taxation and regulation, but the truth is that these taxes and regulatory costs are passed onto the consumer. It’s quite comical to think otherwise.

General Electric (GE) also made the list and is currently being repaid with the receipt of lucrative government contracts. The company also started a joint venture called Greenhouse Gas Services which will invest and manage the trading of greenhouse gas credits. During the fourth quarter of 2008, the company’s stock declined 30 percent. However, that did not stop the company from spending $4.26 million on lobbying. (2)

It’s interesting how the left widely publicized former Vice President Dick Cheney’s connection to Halliburton Corporation, yet they turn a deaf ear to amount of influence General Electric has had on public policy not only through lobbying, but through the promotion of its agenda via its ownership of NBC Universal along with Jeffery Immelt’s special connection to President Obama. Mr. Immelt sits on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Mr. Immelt has all but run GE into the ground, yet he is being consulted for economic advice? These types of connections make the former Vice President’s look like small potatoes.

President Obama claims he will put pressure on banks to open up their purse strings and loan money to small businesses. There is the saying that “ignorance is bliss,” but this is not the case. Obama denies what really caused the crash of 2008 – the Federal Reserve’s policy of cheap money which allowed for the financing of reckless lending practices backed and regulated by the government. He’s never spoken seriously or has expressed real concern for the weakness of the dollar, the amount of debt that burdens the nation and a dangerously large federal deficit – the largest in history. Instead, he continues and expands on the Bush administration’s (the same administration he loves to blame) absurd monetary policy while encouraging banks to stray from prudent lending practice all in the name of saving the economy.

When all of the facts are examined, one can conclude just how much Obama cares about “the little guy.” He shows his concern by condoning a monetary policy that weakens the purchasing power and net worth of every American. He supports bailouts of failing companies (many that are run by those fat cats he says he doesn’t wish to help) that prevent opportunity. Propping up failure comes at the expense of growth and innovation. He does not address any of the burdensome regulation and mandates that prevent small businesses from expanding and hiring people. Larger corporations enjoy economies of scale, which allows them to spread out and pass the regulatory cost onto the consumer; but the small business owner cannot. It’s no coincidence that there has been a surge in the hiring of temporary workers over the past several months since these mandates do not apply to temporary workers. In addition, temporary workers can be let go much easier than employees, which is a wise move for employers in precarious economic times. All that the President offers is a promise that banks will give small business the option of assuming more debt – just what it needs!

The little guy doesn’t need the Obama Administration’s statist agenda and the enactment of the same failed policies that have prolonged and made recessions worse in the past. Such polices create a very volatile economic atmosphere – not the kind that puts people back to work and ensures prosperity for all.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Safe Schools" Czar Perverted Beyond Belief

I'm no prude, but this is just wrong and disgusting.


Kids and A Very Pornographic Method

Kids and Proper Oral Sex Manners

Safe Schools Czar Promotes NAMBLA

Sex is a natural thing. There is a great big line between prudishness like fundemtalist religious stances on sex and the teaching of sex methods, positions and other such things to elementary and middle school students.

How would you like it if your 12 year old girl came home and asked "Mom, do you spit or swallow? The President's friend told us its rude to spit."

These people are beyond radical. They're psychologically damaged.

Friday, December 4, 2009

YTSTAP: Gay Marriage Activists - Like A Rottie To A Baby

So there's a new “documentary” coming out pinning the California gay marriage defeat squarely on the chest on the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Not happy to leave the Mormons, and by proxy Utah, alone, director Reed Cowen rounds up the usual noisy celebrities and scum-sucking politicans like Gavin Newsom and former SLC mayor Rocky “I'm Too Busy Harassing George Bush To Run The City” Anderson. The movie's approved synopsis makes sure you know that Prop 8 was all the fault of Mormons and no one else.

Except there's a tincy, wincy little problem in that. It's a big, fat, pus-filled lie.

Mormons make up about 2% of California's population. That's every man, woman and child, voting age or not. Catholics make up near 30% (that's about 11 million Californians). Protestants make up over 33% of Californians. I'd like to know how exactly 750 000 Mormons of all shapes and ages hoodwinked the other 30 million Californians into voting down gay marriage.

They didn't.

I know it goes against the Left's fantasy of big, bad religious persecution, but it wasn't that big temple in Utah that voted down gay marriage, but the little churches spread across California. It was the little Catholic church I lived a few blocks from in Hollywood. It was the Protestant church in Compton, in Oakland, in San Diego. It was the beliefs of Latino Catholics, black Protestants, eastern European Orthodox and Oriental Catholic Asians. It was the work of Christian belief, not Mormon malevolence.

But alas, since the Left doesn't like going after minorities for social injustice (when's the last time Al Sharpton stood with a non-black victim of black violence?), the mostly white Mormon church is the target, and with it, the people of Utah.

I'm a supporter of state-by-state gay marriage. If a state wants it, it'll vote it in or pass a law for it. Gay marriage by judicial fiat is less desirable, but its up to the citizens of that state to deal with that. My main concern is federalism. Each state has the right to mold it's society as it sees fit within the Constitution. If Prop 8, or any other traditional marriage proposition, came across my desk I'd vote it down. That's what I believe, along with many other libertarian-minded conservatives.

But I cannot have these know-nothing, half-baked, Micheal Moore-wannabe “filmmakers” attacking my state because they don't have the balls to go after the core voters that put Prop 8 on California's books. Like a rottie to a baby, these lip-frothing cowards aim for the weakest link in the traditional marriage chain and go for the throat, hoping to kill it in one blow and wave it around like a rag doll. In the year since Prop 8, countless moderates, libertarians and conservative sympathizers have thrown up the warning signs to the LGBT activists. The signs say: SHUT THE F*** UP! YOU AREN'T HELPING!

It's a good lesson. No one likes madness-infected attack dogs. No one wants them, except the most irresponsible, unintelligent and vicious people on the planet.