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Friday, November 27, 2009

Reality Sucks

By Josh Kim

The White House State Dinner is not your typical MTV episode of Cribs: It is a time-honored function of statecraft in which the leader of a visiting nation is ceremoniously received by our President. To any serious citizen, no matter the political affiliation, the State Dinner's importance should be understood. But apparently a couple from the upcoming reality television show The Real Housewives of Washington didn't feel this way.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi were not on the guests' list at the White House on Wednesday but they somehow managed to get in. The Secret Service say the couple slipped past security.

Why did the couple do it? I don't know but if I'd have to guess, it was for fame. The couple posted pictures of the evening's festivities on their Facebook page. Do these people understand that this is potentially embarrassing for our nation, not to mention dangerous?!

Two unaccounted people getting into the White House to brush shoulders with the Bigs is itself not serious but they could have easily have been assassins, one for each World Leader. The Visiting leader was Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of a nuclear power nation of over 1 billion people. What the fuck were these people thinking?

This is what's wrong about the times in which we live: Just about anybody can be on TV as long as they have a marginally fascinating life. It doesn't matter who they hurt or what they do. It's time to get real, after all. It's unscripted.

Only this time the reality is that these two people were potential Presidential Assassins.

There's a pattern. A radio station holds a contest and a mother dies of water poisoning because she wanted to win her son a game console. The Opie and Anthony Show dared couples to find the most outrageous places to have sex and phone the station; one couple did and it was inside a Cathedral. The Balloon Boy Saga only cost some Colorado counties and the FAA a few measly million dollars. The Salahi White House State Dinner crash could have cost America prestige if it had turned out the wrong way. But we're also to blame. Society as a whole encourages this type of behavior exactly because we reward it with our attention, attention that translates into money. We like to gawk and stare and snap pictures, even if it's the body of Heath Ledger as it's being wheeled out of Mary Kate's SoHo apartment.

Is nothing sacred? And now the Salahis are to appear on Larry King Live. That doesn't surprise me. Every time something occurs, King is one of the first people to take advantage of it by having on as the guest(s) the ones who were in the middle of said incident. He is someone who helps to feed the sickness.

I'd weep for us but we're not worth it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

A little reminder of the opposing views of why Major Hasan went nuts.

The right believes it was his Islamist ideology, represented by this fellow:

The left's image of the right's view is akin to something like this:
The left believes it was because of the discrimination of the military, who hate Muslims so much they've broken a decades long rule against alterations to the approved uniform code for religious reasons.
Army Times further reported that a Muslim officer serving as an orthopedic-surgery intern at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center had received permission to "wear a beard, as required by his sect of the Muslim faith."

As I said in my last post, Hasan's IDEOLOGY was the driving factor of his attack, not his religion. We can debate the theology and pure religious validity of Islam vs Christianity or secularism or whatever, but that's not the problem (at least to me). The modern Islamist movement that's attacking the West is born out of a POLITICAL version of Islam created by Sayyid Qutb. The modern Islamist ideology consists of a Marxist-inspired vanguard strategy sewn together with revanchist dreams of re-making the Islamic Caliphate that their Prophet created in the 8th century. Something even the most uneducated American should known as anti-liberty and dangerous.

Alas, the left wants you to looking at the knee-jerk anti-Muslim sentiment that rears its ugly head after terror attacks (not something I support, but something that is real and slightly understandable), and not at the attackers themselves who are the programmed automatons of a dark and dangerous political force.

Who is really more dangerous? A bumpkin making bigoted remarks about Muslims while nursing a cold beer, or a motivated ideologue fueled by religious fervor bent on the murder of innocence?

Don't be fooled by the attempts at distraction by the Left. You're reason is right.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rant Against (And A Plague Upon) Political Correctness

In the wake of the massacre at Fort Hood, there has been a chorus of talking heads trying to make sense (or confuse us even more) why a Major in the U.S. Army would open fire on his brethren. Some call it terrorism, others call it a fragging, and of course, the Left blames it on PTSD and/or an anti-Muslim culture in the military. Evidence is coming out that Major Hasan was less a victim of Bush's warmongering and more a fellow traveler of our enemy: the Islamist vanguard ideology hoping to bring about the new world caliphate.

Now how exactly did an avowed Islamist, let alone one radical enough to initiate his own martyrdom operation from inside America's largest military base? The answer is clear enough if you listen to General Casey. Casey (infamous in foreign policy hawk circles for actively undermining General Petraues and the Surge) said that he was more worried about the “diversity” of the Army than anything else. He did not talk about the lack of armed soldiers in the building that was attacked nor did he address Hasan's well-known radicalism. He was more concerned about defending the tyrannic walls of political correctness and defending them from straw men. It is not just General Casey doing this, sadly, but all the organs of the left. I opened the Salt Lake Tribune today and read a bowel movement of a editorial “reminding” Utahns that Muslims are not the enemy. This is a paper that routinely takes up the thought process of people like Senator Harry Reid, who call Utahns stupid for voting in conservatives. Laughably, the top story for that day was people not caring about the race of the first black female mayor in Utah. I wonder who really needs the reminding...

Putting that tangent aside, let's get to real problem that Major Hasan's attack brings up: political correctness in the military. Social justice zealots would have you believe that a culture of hatred exists in the military: blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, gays and women are all under attack from the Southern infested military structure. To them, the military must be reformed so that it can better fight wars the social justice folk won't support. Instead of drumming out the radical minorities like Major Hasan, we ignore them. Hasan was lecturing his patients about the evils of America. He verbally fought with vets who supported our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He even went so far as to condemn non-believers to death by hot oil and beheading. This all on public record.

Who are we appeasing when we overlook radicalism in the military? Who are we helping if we ignore people like Major Hasan, Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald? All people with publicly radical views, all people who ended up committing horrible violence in the name of said ideology. The Left would have you believe people like Hasan are created by hate while people like McVeigh are the instigators. The Left would have you believe only certain people can be victims while others are inherently insane.

The reality is that people are individuals, General Casey. That people have their own ideas, Salt Lake Tribune. That most of our soldiers, airmen and seamen (along with most of the great people of America) are not wackjobs like Major Hasan, far left. America need not be reminded that not all Muslims are evil terrorists. WE KNOW THIS. Salt Lake City, a hub for African Muslims immigrants, and the rest of Utah need not be lectured by papers about the realities of religious tolerance and diversity. The US has yet to be severely plagued by the home grown radical Muslim uprising we see in France and other European countries. Most American Muslims are Americans, without question. We need not cater to the ideologically uneducated to prevent frothing masses of dunces from calling us racists against Muslims because they refuse to actually talk to real American Muslims.

The Fort Hood gunman, the Oklahoma City bomber and the assassin of JFK were all IDEOLOGUES. They had specific and radical ideas driving their murder, not race hate, not victimization and not the soft skin of mutated class warfare. They were driven by their own beliefs, not ours. America is not a radical country nor a country run by radicals. The Democrats are not the Communist Party nor are Republicans the Hamas of America, shooting gays and hanging traitors without trial. We do not foster the violence of extremists, we punish it. We punish it severely. We jail and execute terrorists and assassins. We hunt down radical sects and racist militias bent on violence. We make sure our country is safe from the deep darkness of dangerous ideology. That thick, red line was drawn thousands of years ago at the birth of the West. It remains today, and should remain, even in the military... even if it outrages yellow belly social engineers.

We all know that actions have consequences, but so do ideas. Let not the false and dangerous walls of intellectually putrid political correctness blind us to this fact the next time a nut like Hasan enters the ranks of the greatest military on the planet.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama will not Attend Berlin Wall Celebrations

This Monday November 9, 2009 represents the twenty year anniversary of the first time the Berlin Wall was opened in Germany. On that glorious day, it marked a significant step in the destruction of the Soviet Union and the end to the long and brutal cold war. America emerged as the lone super power in the world and surged ahead proving to the world that democracy and individual freedom had triumphed over tyranny and socialism. It was a wonderful time to be an American and an even more wonderful time to be alive. The heavy hand of government and the terrors of the Soviet Union would influence the world for the last time.

Germany became divided at the end of World War II, because the Allies could not agree as to which government should be installed after the fall of the third Reich. After much deliberation, it was decided that East Germany would belong to the Soviets and West Germany would belong to the American, British, and the French. After countless people had fled from East to West the Soviets had trouble controlling the border. Many were put in prisons and others were shot dead on the spot by Soviet border police. In 1961 it was decided by the Soviets that a more cost effective solution was necessary to stop frantic East German citizens from seeking freedom on the other side. Shooting some and putting others in prisons was very costly and thus the wall was built by the Soviets to help police the border between East and West Germany. The wall stood for many years until it was opened for the first time in 1989, and a united Germany was born.

On Monday the Germans have a huge celebration on hand to commemorate this giant accomplishment of freedom. Many will be on hand to celebrate this wonderful event including Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as the last Soviet chairman, Mikhail Gorbachev. Barack Obama was invited to take part in the event, but as reported by White House press secretary, his schedule does not allow him to take part in these festivities. Upon hearing this news, I was speechless. How in the world can a sitting President of the United States and leader of the free world possibly skip an event as big as this one? Aside from winning World War II, one would be hard pressed to cite a larger example of freedom’s success in modern times than the fall of this wall and the end of the Soviet Union.

Many have tried, but nobody can deny America’s assistance with bringing down the Soviet Union. America engaged in several wars and struggles to prevent other countries from falling under Soviet rule. America would help in countless ways monetarily by sending money and aid to help other countries to stand tall in defense against the red army. The end of World War II left two world super powers who’s economic philosophy were polar opposites of one another. Each would watch each other like a hawk in a brilliant “chess like” game played throughout the decades as each tried to undermine each other. Each country would stare each other down knowing a simple blink of an eye or the first sign of weakness would open an opportunity for the other. All the while, the possibility of another world war with nuclear consequences could be in the near future. The rest of the world would watch this showdown cautiously as one country gaining power over the other would affect future decisions their governments would make. It was Stalin who once said, “for the final victory of socialism, for the organization of Socialist production, the efforts of one country, particularly of a peasant country like Russia, are insufficient.” (3) The Soviets believed socialism needed to expand to other nations to truly be successful, but during the cold war, America was there every step of the way to slow and prevent the Soviet “domino effect” in other countries. Some of America’s decisions to prevent the spread of communism this day are viewed by some as controversial, but nonetheless proved effective in keeping Communism at bay all over the globe. Finally the arms race in the 1980’s lead by compassionate, yet firm Ronald Reagan furthered the demise and helped to bankrupt the once great world threat. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of this madness.

I have not heard what Barack Obama will be doing that day instead, but nothing excuses him taking a pass on this event. He found time to fly in the last minute to make a push for the Olympics a few months ago. He flew several times to campaign for his Democratic colleagues running for Governor. He made several overseas trips and has already met with Russia. Obama is only days away from a trip to Asia, I find it remarkable he can’t pencil in some time to stop by one of our best allies for an event as big as this one. He has apologized to the rest of the world endlessly for American mistakes made throughout history, but rarely cites examples of American success. This is Barack Obama’s opportunity to set everything else aside and enjoy the success of world freedom and America’s involvement in helping establish it as such. Unfortunately, the President has someplace else he would rather be that day and is dispatching Hillary Clinton in his place. I am not sure what the President was thinking on this one, but I am extremely disappointed he refuses to show up in person to represent America and share in one of freedom’s greatest accomplishments.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doug Hoffman’s Loss Spells Future Victory

All who are disappointed in Hoffman’s narrow loss … do not despair any longer. Hoffman may have lost the election, but those who stand for conservative principles won last evening. The results sent a clear message to the Republican Party – a message that apparently needed to be repeated and will continue to bear repetition until Republican leadership understands that liberal candidates are toxic.

Doug Hoffman not only fought against his Democrat opponent, Bill Owens; he also fought against the Republican National Committee – the committee that spent $1 million backing their liberal candidate Dede Scozzafava and ran ads AGAINST him. The Republican’s “one million dollar baby,” Ms. Scozzafava, was pro-bailout, pro-tax, pro-stimulus and leaned toward supporting a public option for healthcare. In spite of these very liberal positions, the Republican National Committee (RNC) felt she was worth a $1 million investment. After all, RNC elites concern themselves only with party affiliation – not the candidate’s principles and core beliefs. After Dede benefited from the RNC’s lucrative investment, she turned around and endorsed Bill Owens after she dropped out of the race. Mr. Owens owes the RNC much gratitude for his victory.

The RNC still has not learned from its painful past – the 2006 and 2008 elections. I wrote in the first column I published after Barack Obama won the election that conservative principles (especially fiscal) will make one of the most prominent comebacks in decades. The Republican Party still doesn’t get it, which is why America just witnessed an independent running against TWO parties almost emerge victorious. RNC chairman, Michael Steele, can continue his “big tent” policy with calamitous consequences. All he will have in the end is an empty tent. The key factor here is to have a political party that actually stands for something and has core principles. Deviation from core principles or letting liberals define what the party should stand for will allow Democrats to continue to win in areas of the country that had a century of Republican leadership.

This past election is about short-term pain for long-term gain. Either conservatives are going to take back the Republican Party so it will stand as the party of personal and fiscal responsibility or there will be plenty of independents following in Doug Hoffman’s footsteps. Mr. Hoffman’s bravery showed that it is VERY possible to win as an independent – to defeat BOTH political parties. As the U.S. dollar continues to weaken, as more people begin to see that the third quarter GDP results were artificial, as the reality of inflation or stagflation sets in, voters will reject liberal fiscal policy as well as any politician that advocates it regardless of the “D” or “R” after their name. The newly elected Republican leaders and governors in New Jersey and Virginia should keep this in mind.

Michael Steele’s “big tent” Republicanism and George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” has failed on every level. History has shown over and over that “Liberalism Lite” is not the formula for success and leads to disastrous losses for Republicans. Herbert Hoover’s abandonment of conservative economic principles led to decades of Democrat reign in Congress along with four terms of FDR. George W. Bush followed in Herbert Hoover’s footsteps, and America now has one of its most liberal Presidents. If “Liberalism Lite” leads to “Ultra Liberalism,” then conservatives are better off going to war with Republican elites because the elites will soon realize that the tent doesn’t expand or even exist without the base. It is better to lose elections in the short-term than allow radicals to give America an economic makeover.

The near-term is going to be a bumpy ride. However there is a greater danger in giving liberals the opportunity to paint liberal Republicans as conservatives and convince voters that fiscal conservatism is to blame. American citizens need a real option, and when that option exists, blame will be distributed properly. If it takes an independent third party to stand for the kind of economic and monetary policy America needs, then the country is better off being run by Democrats until things get sorted out. Both political parties steering the country in the SAME direction (one faster than the other) is a far worse fate. It is possible that Mr. Owens may be more conservative than Ms. Scozzafava – the Republican Party’s $1 million baby!

Congratulations to Doug Hoffman and everyone on his staff for an eye-opening election that caught the entire nation’s eye. Whether one is a Reagan Republican, a Ron Paul Republican or whether they are socially liberal, libertarian or conservative, one thing that unites all of these constituents is ECONOMIC POLICY. If the Republican Party doesn’t change its ways, this is only the beginning of the rise of the independent conservative and libertarian candidates.