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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Morning Feeling Like Afternoon Already Linkage

Althouse on the talk about some kind of diversity quota on SCOTUS, as well as one of Obama's suspected picks quoting Justice Kennedy as of he was an actual conservative.

American Power warning us about taking Marxism seriously. But, we shouldn't, 'cause your know that socialism isn't about killing people! It's about love and puppies and clever slogans.

Pat's justified rant on the ignorance of people and how that's kinda the fault of the people whose job it is to supply the information.

Betsy's Page, for some reason, thinks you should be worried about a $58 billion raise in the budget. It's no biggie.

Critical Narrative takes on the folks who assume that because the American reporter is released the Persian Menace is no so much a menace anymore.

The Professor translates the Speaker's recent press conference where she not only denied the CIA, but also denied her savior. Thrice!

No Sheeples points out that those crazy islanders creating an Islam Day in their state and slipping it by you that it DOESN'T land on the founding day of Islam, but lands on September 11, 2009... on the Julian calendar.

RRR has more on Pelosi's lies.

The Conservative Comeback has a shirtless child inciting riots in Boston.

And, finally, the man with the plan to monopolize every Google search has the story of two women that are hated just because of their beliefs.

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