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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Word Police: That's So Gay

I know I'm very late to this, but hey, I'm here. And GP will probably get a buttload of hits for some of the words I'm going to use in this post. Hmm....


For a long time, “gay” meant happy, elated and so forth. Shakespeare used it. Now its the identifier of homosexuals, specifically male homosexuals. Lo and behold, the thought police come out in force to make you feel guilty for co-opting a word they recently co-opted.




When I grew up it was “Jew”. You were “jewish” if you were cheap. You acted like a “jew” if you acted (GASP!) “gay”. Kids pick up on words and mutate them to their end... kind of like the Left (something I'm working on for a future, giant post). For God's sake, male white kids still go around calling each other “nigger” because the biggest market for black gangsta rap is young, middle class white kids. Even more disgusting is that the biggest market for stripper-inspired club music is pre-pubescent girls.

Anyway, jumping on them for using “gay” is stupid, totalitarian and, frankly, makes you a douche. But that's my opinion, you totalitarian douche!

Honestly, give “gay” 30-50 years and it'll mutate again.. It'll probably end up being a word for frivolous:

“Your honor, this lawsuit brought against my client is beyond gay. The plaintiffs have no grounds.”

“John Edwards was a lawyer that took many gay cases.”

“It is the finding of this court that the ACLU bring supremely gay issues to these chambers.”

“The President's new supreme court pick has a history of taking gay cases and making them gayer.”

And just because I can:

God bless America. May it be gay!

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Quite Rightly said...

"Frivolous," the future definition of "gay."

I think you've got that right. :)