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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keeping Your President In Line

I plan on a longer post on this subject, but as a filler read this:
One of the guys, a physically imposing 6’7″ laid back dude, had a hot girlfriend – let’s call her Kay – with a great personality. She was every guy’s dream girlfriend. One night, all of us were sitting around in the living room splayed across dirty couches watching TV when Kay started gossiping about inconsequential private matters involving her boyfriend and his family. She meant no harm by it, and we weren’t really paying attention, but he obviously didn’t like the idea of her revealing personal details from his life. Out of the blue, he thundered

Now, don't you want to be Mr. 6'7” when you read this:
Asked if he agrees with President Calderon's view that the Arizona immigration law "that is forcing our people to face discrimination," President Obama said in the Rose Garden just now that it "has the potential of being applied in a discriminatory fashion."

He said a "fair reading" of the law -- suggesting that he has read the legislation, unlike his Attorney General as of last week -- indicates those who are at risk of being deemed possibly illegal could face "harassment" and that the judgments law enforcement would need to make to apply the law are "troublesome."
or this:
The State Department on Tuesday defended a top-ranking diplomat who expressed regret to China last week about Arizona's immigration law during a discussion on human rights in Washington. Spokesman P.J. Crowley, in an interview with Fox News, disputed the notion that Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner was apologizing to China, saying he was actually "standing up" for America by describing how debate functions in a "civil society."

But he echoed other top Obama administration officials in describing the law as a gateway to "racial profiling" and doubled down on Posner's comments to the Chinese. 
I don't think I need to repeat what every American should be thinking about our President and his minions. Kay, you're not alone in having a big mouth.

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