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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is Nationality Racist?

I don't know the context of the detention and beating of this Hispanic man in Seattle, so I won't pass judgment, but what did catch my eye was this:
A Seattle police officer offered a tearful apology after being caught on camera kicking an innocent man and using a racial epithet.

The video shows a group of officers standing around three men who are lying on the ground. Seattle Police Detective Shandy Cobane shouts, "I'm going to beat the [expletive] Mexican [expletive] out of you homey! You feel me?"
So what's the racial part? "Mexican"? That's a nationality. "Homey"? That's usually attributed to "black culture" and is also used as a label for both friend and foe. An interloper in MS-13 territory could be called "homey" for intimidation.

Is the definition of racism becoming so diluted that mentioning a nationality associated with Hispanics is now banned? So he called him a Mexican. If he called him by his proper nationality (whatever that may be, the guy could actually be of Mexican ancestry), would it be okay in the eyes of the race classifiers and officer haters?

Probably not.


For the record, innocent or guilty, rightly or wrongly detained, if the man resisted the police physically he brought it on himself. You simply do not, at any time, physically resist law enforcement. You comply and you let their superiors, your lawyer and the courts handle the lawful or unlawfulness of your detention. Being a big gangsta man or whatever your fantasy icon will only get you beaten or tased, and it will be totally justified.

If it was unjustified, if he was beaten for no reason at all, those involved should be punished severely. No mercy for those who abuse the power they are entrusted with as police officers.

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