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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

F*cking Hispanics, How Do They Work?

(Title referencing this)

Oh, dear.

Oh my, oh my.

One of the leaders of the most ethical Congress in history just said:
"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK? Do I need to say more?"
How exactly does a white man in a position of vast power within the United States government get away with saying something like that?

Oh yeah, he's a Democrat.

It wasn't too long ago Reid said Obama was a light-skinned African-American with no "negro dialect" unless he wanted to have one.

And just over a year or so ago he attacked Utah for voting Republican over and over and over calling them stupid.

The man has a knack for sounding like a out-of-touch, racialist, defeatist elitist snob.

And want to know the reason why no one on the left is calling him out on this racially charged words?

Because they believe it.

The leftist narrative on race is that everybody but whites should vote Democrat. Blacks vote Democrat because LBJ got the Civil Rights Act passed (with Republican help). Hispanics vote Democrat because César Chávez was man of the people (who opposed illegal immigration on the same economic grounds that many on the right do).

I think the narrative goes something like this:
All minorities should vote Democratic because its the party that respects family values of your native culture! Unless you're Asian, you guys already have it too good >:-/

Black Baptist? We'll call the Tea Party racist if you vote for gay marriage. Oh, wait, you didn't vote against Prop 8? Well, it's okay, we'll blame the Mormons.

Latino Catholic? Could you...? No? That's okay. We won't say anything. We'll blame it on “hate... buring white hot white hate!”.

Islamist Muslim? Ah, you don't like gays either. No matter. That mosque at Ground Zero backed by foreign money should build some bridges between you and the gay community anyway.

Hindu? Oh, okay. I'm sorry about that. We had no idea Julia Roberts would... I understand you're very angry, but... I know Pretty Woman was quite offensive... I know she looks like a horse... Please calm down, sir!

Muinduistic? ... ... ... Damn, could we get some Wiccans or college students or something to start that up for us?

Nevermind! Come, join the party that opposes everything you believe in! If we can't win you over with principle, we can win you over with handouts!

(Excuse me, what about white Christians? Many of us have some moderate suggestions about the gay marriage issue.)

Go away bigots! Shoo! Go kill a Jew or something.

No, Mr. Islamist Muslim, no!!!!! Sit down! You cannot go with them.


Mary said...

Go away bigots! Shoo! Go kill a Jew or something.

No, Mr. Islamist Muslim, no!!!!! Sit down! You cannot go with them.

Best laugh of the day.

Also, Reid has apparently claimed that he thinks it's better to be a Democrat Mormon than a Republican Mormon. Ignoring for a moment that I can name things I've personally witnessed growing up that rankled me about Republican Mormons, I have to come to their defense: One of the tenets of Mormonism is supposed to be to help/serve others. However, it isn't supposed to be helping/serving others with other people's money.

#1 infidel said...

It's unbelievable how Reid gets away with this crap .
One reason why the whole bunch of them need to go away soon !