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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beyond Repair

There are some things in history that you can't take back. The Roman exile of Jews from the Holy Land. The Fall of Constantinople. The Leauge of Nations. Nevile Chamberlain.

We've crossed this point with Iran. For months, nay years, the West has had a multitude of chances to remove Iran as a international threat. Having it as a regional threat was no biggie. It's been one since 1979. But for some odd reason, probably fueled by leftist internationalism, anti-war hysterics and other utopian ideals, the West has allowed this backwards, may I said crudely “pigf**king” nation, to evade, deny and spit in the face of international power so it can create the atom bomb.

This is nothing against the Iranian people. They've always been a very civilized, very metropolitan people, even when up against our Greek forefathers. The Iranian people have shown they do not want this 7th century theocracy as their government, but Western betaness and Iranian force has overridden the will of a proud people.

Like the fall of the Holy City of Constantinople, Western navel gazing and Western apathy has created a scenario where barbarians have gained the ability to influence the entire globe and not just their rustic corner of the planet. Few people outside those addicted to foreign policy have any clue of the consequences of Iran and Russia fueling the Bushehr reactor.

In less than five years, this all means...

This means Hezbullah now has nuclear weapons backing their demands on beautiful Lebanon.
This means Hamas has nuclear weapons beside its run down Gaza Strip.
This means Iran can dictate world policy.
This means the West cannot attack Iran.
This means fanatics must be taken seriously.
This means the Middle East, no matter what major power resides, is now Iran's.

I write this warning like a apocalyptic fanatic, but I tell you I am not. Look back to Hitler, not in crimes but in appeasement. Look back to Western apathy to the Holy Byzantine Empire and its centuries long fight against Muslim fanaticism. Western ignorance or Western sympathy for the imperialistic Muslim nations of said times ALWAYS ended in imperialistic Muslim dominance of the region.

This is nothing against moderate Muslims. I have a ton of respect for your religion, more than most know, but Iran is not your symbol, archon or leader. It is the enemy of civilized Islam. It is the enemy of civilization itself. Yet, our weakened, hateful West has taken upon itself to author its own demise.

We live in an awesome world. Most of us will live to see 2050, if not after. But, sadly, with the actions of today's leaders, 2050 will be a much harder, violent world than anyone could imagine.

100 years ago, in 1910, the world was still unstable. Empires fought, people died and revolution spread.

I will bet my honor, my faith and the respect of those who read this seriously that by 2020, like 1920, the world will be re-shapen by the ignorance, the stupidity, the statism and the utopianism of today's leaders.

Give the world five years, all the signs will be there.

Give the world ten years, and you can't miss it.

We'll all live to see these days. Alas, we'll all want to return to the year of post war, when international cooperation in the guise of the UN was still believed in.

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