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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling

I am in the midst of working on a far more serious column on the oil spill, but I could not help but quickly poke fun at the “Three Stooges” (Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman) regarding their reaction to President Obama’s speech last evening.

Watch Video Here

It is hilarious that these three men expected a speech full of substance and clarity from the President. Barack Obama ran a campaign that lacked substance and his Presidency thus far has lacked substance. People on the right were demonized by these men and others on the left for pointing out this minor detail. Now, all of a sudden, substance is an issue after 18 months in office? What did these people expect? Major legislation has been passed by elected officials who have not read the bills. The President could not offer anything of substance on topics as important as health care reform.

Keith Olbermann says in the clip that “it was a great speech if you’ve been on another planet for the past 57 days.” Apparently, Olbermann has been on another planet since Obama announced his candidacy. A speech from Obama that lacked specifics and substance should not surprise anyone at this stage of the game, as I’m still waiting to hear it for the first time. I’m very surprised that Chris Matthews didn’t get a tingle up his leg, as this speech was no different from the rest. Apparently, they have lost that lovin’ feeling! Matthews went on to say that he doesn’t “sense executive command” from the President. Mr. Matthews, Obama has NEVER shown any kind of leadership since he’s been in office; however, it’s quite refreshing to see he has finally seen the reality.

With all of that being said, I am going to come to the President’s defense on one specific thing, that being alternative energy. There is nothing of substance to offer on this topic simply because there is no replacement for crude oil. There is nothing the government can do to make this happen either. All the government can do is pass ridiculous legislation that will increase the costs of energy dramatically, will worsen an already weak economy and divert capital away from investment in the future of energy. Governments have poured billions of dollars into alternative energy sources and have heavily subsidized oil companies and other corporate conglomerates over the past four decades. Very little has been accomplished as a result. All the incentive in the world exists to find a replacement for crude oil, since the lucky souls who do come up with the solution will make Bill Gates’ net worth look like pocket change.

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