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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Notes on Israel

Sorry for the longness between meatier posts, but here one is.

First, the Israeli operation was well within the Jewish State's rights. The fleet of “activists” was not actually bringing supplies to Gaza, as their very oily press releases say. The boats were to break the Israeli blockade on Hamas-run Gaza. This is a national security issue and Israel had every right to intercept them before they penetrated Israeli waters.

Second, the “activists” were not exactly peaceful or caring of human rights, as shown by the Al-Jazzera report from the boats. These folks were chanting war cries and glorifying the terror campaign of the last 10 years against Israeli civilians. Peace activists don't glorify death and wish for death. Hell, they don't attack soldiers with iron rods and grab at their weapons, instigating a firefight. Peace activists annoy mid-day traffic or petition Russia to give up nukes. Word is that the Turkish group that sponsored the fleet has connections to terrorism. Peace, indeed.

Third, the so-called “international community” has proven itself to be anything but. The Arab cartel has hijacked the UN, once again, to pursue its anti-Israel agenda. The West is not helping it self by sucking at the Arab tit, either. France, England, Germany; they are all appeasing their large Muslim populations, specifically the loud and radical Islamist factions. They either are too blind or too corrupt to realize that the more ground they give to the radicals, the more the radicals will ask for. This does not bode well for Israel.

Overall, the raid, while just, has become just another nail in the coffin for Israel. When it does good or bad, right or wrong, the Islamists and their leftist allies will jump upon the little nation and bash it until it cries uncle. Israel, like it or not, is the only base of Western power in the Middle East. We have American bases and American allies, but Israel is the only place where Western culture and ideals thrive. Against it, from the Palestinians, from the Syrians, Jordanians, Iranians and Muslim Lebanese, is the rejection of Western culture and ideals. One can say that its because Israel is on stolen land (I bet you there's an Assyrian Christian petitioning the UN for Syria's return of his land) or because of its tactics or because of whatever reason the big brains in leftist-Islamist land can come up with. But at the core, the reason that Israel was invaded no less than 4 times during its first 30 years, was that it was not Arab, it was not Islamic: it was Western and Jewish. Because there has not been a regional war between Israel and any of the other powers for more than two decades, three decades if you exclude the Gulf War, people have forgotten or purposely dismissed Israel's history and the history of the Arab states that now claim the moral high ground over it. It makes it easier to justify their support of terrorism if they don't remember the War of Independence, the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War and every other skirmish and incursion by Israel's larger and stronger neighbors. Not to mention the anti-Semetic rheotric that has ruled the diplomacy debate since the beginning.

Strategically, the most important issue of all of this, we are slowly losing to Iran. Israel has lost Turkey, its only real Muslim ally, mostly through no fault of its own. Turkey has been slowly turning Islamist for years now and the sponsoring of a terrorist connected flotilla of weapon-wielding, firearm snatching supporters pretty much crossed the line between ally and rival. The leaders of Turkey and Iran have been working together for a while, the Brazil-Turkey nuclear plan to aid Iranian nuclear ambitions a fine and recent example. With the Western power base in the Middle East slipping and the Iranian/Islamist power base expanding, we are on a course towards regional war no matter what happens. Israel could accommodate up to its eyeballs and there'd be no handshakes between it and its newfound enemies. The Islamists smell the blood in the water and they know that without political and material support from the West, Israel will be vulnerable to attack. I believe that within a decade, if not sooner due to Iranian completion of a nuclear weapon and long-range ICBM (est. 2015), there will be an attempt by Syria, backed by Iranian missiles, planes, as well as Hezbullah from Lebanon, to knock Israel off the regional pedestal. This will happen if the West, most of all the United States, does not increase moral and material support for the beleaguered nation. It will be the largest strategic and moral defeat for America since the Vietnam War.

The anti-Israel left, of course, will not admit to the reality of the situation. It will not admit that Arab nations have been attacking and terrorizing Israel since its birth. They will not admit that the “aparthited wall” (real effing creative, guys) was built to stop sucide bombers from the West Bank... and TADA it has! They won't admit to Iranian sponsorship of Hamas. They won't admit to the egregious violations of human rights by Hamas against women, religious minorities and political enemies. They won't admit the glorification of terrorism by the Palestinian Authority, or its vast corruption going back to its founding with Arafat. They won't admit to pretty much anything that diverts from the narrative that Israel is the new NaziSouthAfricaChinaImperialJapan. Even with video evidence, Israeli solders with bullet wounds, found weapons and military equipment and the chanting of Islamic war cries, there are still papers and government condemning Israel for its unprovoked assault on “peace activists”.

Give me a break.

Israel needs our help. It needs moral backing against the mob of Islamists willing to kill. It needs help in keeping its military strong, modern and able to fend off any Iranian backed assault. It needs help to survive. Lest we forget that while our wars can be debated in length about their moral purity, Israel rarely has such a chance. Since its birth, Israel has fought to stay alive on its own soil. Something America hasn't done in over a century. Does this mean we should ignore real crimes? Absolutely not. Israel's constant use of captured terrorists as human shields is something that bugs me, among other things. It is not a perfect nation by a long shot.

But, at the end of the day, Israel, our longtime ally, deserves our help. It deserves our friendship. It deserves a chance to survive as it sees fit, not survive as knuckle-dragging religious bigots and hypocrites think its should exist, if at all.

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