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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bedwetters: A Rant

Between 1941 and 1945, the United States killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, dropped nuclear weapons on two cities, summary executed hundreds (maybe thousands) of spies, probably tortured tens of thousands and imprisoned over 250 000 of our own citizens based on their race. But that was the good war. That was FDR.

Yet, it's millions of conservative Americans that'll incite terrorism. It's a legal interrogation program that destroys our image. It's the liberation of 60 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq that makes radical Islamists hate us. It's the fighting of terrorism that makes us evil.

Lincoln dissolved state legislatures, held Americans without trial, executed Americans without trial and his generals burned down American cities to win the Civil War. He's a hero.

Bush gave terrorists a place to stay, eat and relax, as well as having the most overwatched interrogation program in American history. He followed the international rules of war. He went beyond what he had to to make sure the ILLEGAL terrorist combatants (aka, not covered by Geneva) were cared for when captured. Bush is Hitler.

The far-left and pussy libertarian critics are bedwetters. Four year old, Pull-Ups wearing bedwetters. The Civil War, WWI and WWII had hundreds of thousands Americans in prison camps... BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. Yet, we're supposed to believe Bush, the CIA and the War on Terror will create tyranny by its very existence. Cheney will smile and people will be arrested and tortured.


So much bullshit.

Name a single terrorist captured by the US that's been executed while in custody?

Not one.

They live in their fantasy world of rebellion and revolution where if only all of us didn't defend ourselves or want the government to do its job to defend us, we'd all live happily and free with unicorns, candy and free blow-up dolls with interchangeable sex organs.

They refuse to see how the world is, so they make it up to make themselves feel better. And many of these people are top politicians, journalists, thinkers and teachers. They are the gutter of politics, and because their ideas have become the main ideology of liberalism/progressivism, we have to go to the gutter to smack reason into these idiots.

They are children. Maybe we should treat them as such.


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