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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paul Revere's Congressional Hour Ride

What would Paul Revere's Ride look like today?


Paul Revere's Congressional Hour Ride
by Jordan

The conservatives, the libertarians, blood and bone.
The loud pounding of war drums drone.
In ought' ten they revolted and arose.
Bringing hate only God knows.
All based on the government leaving you alone!

A dreary idea, that's damn right.
The government not controlling everything in sight.
How can one live without the state
Putting all on your plate?
How dare they put up a fight!

Seeing this, Representative Revere, Democrat-Monterey,
Drove his Prius at top speed down the highway.
At the top of his lungs, he bellowed,
"These are small government fellows!"
And the State recoiled, unable to say.

"All is lost!" said the Speaker of the House,
Her face wrinkled like the tail of a mouse.
"These are dangerous ideas, there's no kidding!"
So she ordered the media to do her bidding.
And these patriots were compared to vermin and louse.

But never deterred, with liberty on their side,
With no reason to fret and no reason to hide.
They confronted the State and its minions
And asked them to hear their opinions.
And the patriots would not their leaders slide.

With all the shouting, hate and bluffing,
With the media and the Left asking for cuffing,
The patriots were asked how would they build their steeple.
By what manner they would control the people?
Smiling, they opened their empty hands and said, "By nothing."

"Freedom means finding your own way without coercion
Without the government telling you to read a certain version
Of the Bible, the Torah or any other book.
Ideas do not automatically make you a crook.
You cannot change people's convictions by forced immersion."

"We are not asking for no leaders, taxes or rules
We are simply asking that we keep what ours
Our property, our words, our thoughts, ourselves.
Because without those, we live in a liberty-less hell.
And even then, there's only so much fooling a fool."

"So, we the people, we say this, the honorable elected
Do not let your minds be rotted and infected
By the sins of power, greed, comfort and conformity
Because there is a power none of you can see.
And it cannot vote, it cannot speak, and you are not protected."

"It's the power of the people, the real force
Not the false views of the Communist dogs, of course.
The overwhelming push of true human freedom
Against this perverse republic, nay, now a kingdom
We give you, our honored leaders, a easy choice."

"Choose freedom, liberty and the American ideal's call
Uneven laws, high taxes, exemptions and tyranny, you must make them fall.
Or succumb to the true wave of history, the real populist change
As John Adams said, a man that history did not find strange,
'In politics,' our dearest citizens, 'the middle way is none at all.'

Choose liberty in all things, dearest citizen.
Because the opposite is against what's within.
To fear the unfairness of life isn't wrong
To try to change it is the siren's song
And they'll take away all you have, for others' sins.

It's simple, if you really think through the statist fit
You either are for freedom or against it
To support controlling humans is to support slaves
White, black, yellow or brown, using legislation or chains.
That's the long and short of it.

If you don't like what this says, if it offends,
Then you should think about your ideological mends.
How come you oppose speech for material? Accept money instead of rights?
Our forefathers did not debate, scream, rebel and fight
So our pockets would be full and our spirit bent.

As a country, we move forward, liberal and conservative, for our sake
One always looking forward, one looking back, that's the take
But when the train starts to outrun the tracks, as it will always be
The forward lookers are distracted by scenery
Those in the back will be yelling for the brake.

The End

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