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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fairness is a Disease

So, a school wants to create a Male Studies program to look into the welfare and psyche of the modern human male. Not a bad idea, eh? Males have changed a lot in the past one hundred years. Suffrage, the women's rights movement, contraception and consumer trends have all created a male completely alien to the Victorian male that brought in the 20th century. Today, there are concerns of the loss of masculinity to an ever increasing feminization of Western culture. Shows like Everybody Likes Raymond, where the husband is always wrong, bumbling and submissive, promote the idea that the Western male is not longer the head of the household, but the laughing stock of it. Of course, this is just one of many theories about the modern male and these theories should be researched and reviewed and published, as is the right of any researcher.

That's if Male Studies get off the ground. When I passed this news along to political acquaintances on the left, the response was a resounding “why?”. Might as well have “white studies” too, one said, since men and whites have dominated the world since time immemorial. We can't be studying the male since the male has had his place of privilege for so long! It's the female's turn! That's the atmosphere I got from them.

When did education go from finding the truth to promoting fairness and alleviating the guilt of left-wing white males? When Plato thought and wrote, it wasn't to make sure the trans-gendered anarchist had a voice. It was to find the truth about humanity and its soul. When Voltaire thought and wrote, it was to explain the world and the mind, not find a new niche market for a women's studies book about anti-antidisestablishmentarianism in the male dominated Greek world.

The idea that we can't study the male, especially the white male, out of some anti-intellectual ideal of fairness spits in the face of every honest educator in the world. Not only that, it spits in the face of real equality between the races and sexes. Babying a broad, monolithic class, in this case “women”, because another broad, monolithic class, “men”, has had their day in the sun is beyond idiotic. It's an idea based on racism, sexism and class warfare. It's an idea that goes against the root ideals of this country and of its history of higher education, going all the way back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It's as if the creator of this anti-intellectual ideology couldn't actually come up with an original idea and just flipped the worst views of the worst people of the Civil Rights Era and said, “Ta da! Open mindedness! And if you don't like it, you're a racist!”

SIRIUS/XM radio host Andrew Wilkow has a very apt analogy to explain this view. Imagine two people walking down a street. A white guy with a shirt that says, “White Power” and a black man that has shirt that says “Black Power”. For the last half century, we've been told (trained, in some cases) to look at the white man's shirt and deride him for his ethnic hatred. Yet, when we turn to the black man, we are told (trained) to congratulate him on his progressive ethnic pride in his culture (“black culture”, another broad, monolithic idea). How is THAT not racism? Hate whites for being proud of their race while encouraging blacks to be proud of theirs? That isn't equality, that's overcompensation. That's anti-intellectualism. That's anti-American. Period.

And I haven't even gotten to the best part. History. The leftist opposition to all things white and male are based on the idea of white male domination for God knows how long. But how long as white males actually ruled the planet? Not that long, actually. The domination of the “world” by whites was consolidated around 200 years ago when the British Empire spanned the length of the planet, “the empire on which the sun never sets”, as it was called. I'm including all European powers in this, by the way. But it wasn't actually the world, not even close. The Ottoman Empire spanned well into Africa and the Middle East. Russia's domination wasn't entirely a white man's crusade since much of Russia's ethnic make-up descends from the Mongol invaders four centuries earlier. The South American powers had both white and mixed leaders, as it does now. The only continent that there was near total domination of other races by whites was Africa, but like I said the Ottomans were in there too and I don't believe Turks are considered white.

That's only 200 years ago. But doesn't the Left say white dominated history pre-1800s is part of our guilt? So how far back to we go? Hopefully, for these “intelligent” folk, we don't go back to Renaissance Italy where women had the ability to speak and rule? Or how about certain African tribes where women played bigger roles? Oh wait, they aren't white. I don't think there's black male guilt, is there? Anyway, how about Sparta, where the women under the militaristic regime had the right to speak, to refuse marriage, property rights and were trained in combat to near equal levels as males were? But that's only if you consider ancient Greeks white, and they're only white in Hollywood, not in reality.

This obsession with extra-legal fairness in all things, especially education, is a disease. You cannot change history by buying off your guilt. You cannot change minds by denying education sectors for the crime of going against politically correct dogma. It strikes at liberty, intellectual discourse and our nation's self-esteem. A nation cannot remain free if its taking from one class and giving to another over events that happened pre-independence (or pre-history, for that matter). A nation cannot have honest intellectual debate if charges of racism, sexism and all other words of total insignificance now (thanks, Leftists) are used to put down legitimate criticisms of a anti-intellectual ideology. A nation especially cannot remain powerful and unified when its too busy making sure every nook and cranny of leftist created trans-class, cross-gendered, bottom-up race injustice is being sated by economy destroying programs promoted by people who aren't touched by them, but who somehow feel the tinge of racism from a crowd not saying a word.

John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

And the facts are, dear leftist friends and contacts, that your objections to Male Studies tells a lot about you and your inability to think critically, let alone dictate what others should think. You cannot stop racism with money, sexism with government or bigotry with indoctrination. The best we can do, the best any free nation can do, is make sure that under the law no one is discriminated against. After that, its up to the individual to find the truth themselves, not by government fiat or ivory tower poo-poohing. The past 60 years have shown your idea of fairness has created one of the most anti-intellectual and bigoted mainstream ideologies in America. And that has led to a world where leaders call citizens racists, “teabaggers” and fascists for simply opposing policy the leaders themselves have tainted with the stain of racism, sexism and anti-religious bigotry.

Give yourself a hand.

Oh, wait, you already do.


Paul said...

This is an excellent article. And it is very much welcome coming from ranks of conservatives that have pretty much ignored the issues that male studies will address, if successful in getting off the ground.

I have a number of reasons to be hopeful that it will happen, and more writings like will help.

Commentators like Wilcow, Boortz, Elder, et al, have always been quick to point out the double standards coming from the left, but have just as much failed historically to follow up with any reasonable intellectual reaction on behalf of men, largely because they don't want to be seen as playing identity politics.

That failure on their part has helped Marxist ideologies like feminism take a stranglehold on academia across the western world.

So, sir, I hope your good words roll up hill and that more visible libertarians and other conservatives start wising up to the value that male studies programs would have in our universities, which are now hotbeds of socialism.

And if they doubt that value, they need only look at the lefts growing reaction to the upcoming conference.

The idea scares them and for good reason.

Time for good conservatives to start thinking outside the box and start addressing issues faced by men collectively. Their struggles in family court, for instance, represent the biggest roll back of civil rights since Jim Crow. But again, conservatives fearful of the IP label and perhaps fearful of women, act as though none of it is happening.

Here's again to your good work.

Paul Elam
Men's News Daily

Jordan said...

Thank you for the kind words.

My personal background, while not unique, has brought me to points where the status of the Western male is of most interest to me. I used to believe, like the hard left does, that male is a class. Like income, gender and every other easily pigeonholed, politically convenient category, its easy to rail against straw men and ghosts of 100 years ago. But it isn't 100 years ago. It's today. A time where masculinity is seen as a vice, not a boon. Where standing for something means bending like a reed in the wind to accommodate the most hysterical ideologues, even if lives are at stake.

I never knew your publication existed until today. I'll be bookmarking it and following it from now on. I hope conservatives and libertarians take note of the rising discontent, or we may end up in a situation like that of the UK where leaders are more often attacked by angry fathers than by raving terrorists.

Paul said...


I looked for contact info on you and could not find an email address.

I would like to discuss your writing some more if you would be interested. My email is