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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Kids Aren't Okay

Generation Patriot is on Twitter, and holy eff you would not believe the amount of idealists that prowl the twitterverse! Kids harping on Glenn Beck for talking, harping on Obama for collapsing to reality with Big Pharma, defending Olby, and so on. It's kind of sad... 'cause that's just the adults.

Idealism is a evil, evil thing in the real world. One fellow was disappointed that Obama wasn't really making his agenda as "sweeping" as he promised. Another was fine with the destruction of private insurance and private health care if it meant getting single payer. Someone set up a bot (program) that tracks anyone who uses the hashtag (subject note) #iamthemob, which is in reference of the Left calling the town hall protesters a mob.

I used to be like the above, though probably much younger than them. I would talk about free speech while calling for FOX to be banned. I would talk about freedom, but want economics nationalized. I'd was all about peace, but feel good outings to overthrow hated regimes would be fine... except Iraq, of course.

Two years ago, I had a revelation. I realized that the world is at it is. America, because of the amount of freedom we have, is amazing, and not the evil I was told it was and believed it was. America, even today's mixed economic, heavy paper-pusher America, is freeer than any other nation on the planet. Despite its flaws, I love it.

Idealists on the Left can't handle reality, especially with health care. As Michelle, Mike and I have explained, it is economically IMPOSSIBLE to support a single payer system without destroying our innovative sector and our expansive access (yes, we have it!).

Idealism go past that and looks at what could be despite the reality of the situation. That was the problem with Communism, Fascism and all the other -isms. They had the world as they saw, not as it is. And, obviously, such vision did not end well.

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