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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Comment on the Glenn Beck Hysteria

I am not a fan of Glenn Beck. I do listen to his show sometimes and watch some clips of his show on Youtube, but I mostly steer clear of him. That said, I think the attempted boycott of his show over what he has said is stupid, just like the attempts to boycott Disney over the "gay agenda" and other such things on the right.

Beck has said some really stupid things. His race baiting of Obama probably the worst on record. He panders to the extreme libertarians and the conspiratorial section of viewership (not to mention the rest of his broadcast being populist), but he also profiles mainstream politicians and mainstream ideas. He is not Mike "The Right Killed Kennedy" Malloy of the left, or Mike "Dirty Savages" Savage of the right.

The Left's frothing hysteria is pretty pathetic, though. For the entire run of Olbermann's show during the Bush administration, thousands of words, many of them disgustingly negative and false, were spoken from the mouth of a man that considers himself the new Edward R. Murrow. Olbermann, who is backed by current Obama administration partner General Electric, accused the previous president of war crimes, called on him to resign over a LEGAL surveillance program, and pretty much outright blamed President Bush for almost every ill that befell the country, including 9/11.

Beck isn't someone that should be the icon of the Right (he's no WFB), but unless the Left is willing to turn on their own red-faced polemicist, they need to simply shut the hell up and let crazies be crazies, failed political radio hosts be failed television hosts (coughMADDOWcough) and mediocre sportscasters be rage-filled paper tossers.

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Anonymous said...

*cough* *gag* have you checked Olbie recently? There's a reason his ratings are getting flushed. Glenn is indeed a conspiracy buff, but he has the added buff of actually digging up a bunch of facts and writings from his targets that you knew nothing about for support. I consider him biased, but informative. I consider Olbie a liar, period. no actual info there that you can depend on.