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Saturday, July 4, 2009


A day off, more so than the one I had yesterday. It's been a long few weeks with packing, moving, unpacking, working and all the fun that goes with getting addresses changed and all the hitches that go with moving. Draining.

News keeps in pouring out this last month. The Norks threatening war and firing missiles. The Iranian riots, which have seemed to tapered off with the huge crackdown by the Mullahs. The Honduran "coup". Celebrity deaths. Universal health care. Cap and trade. So much.

So I'll get the easiest our of the way. MJ had talent, but he was crazy and apparently an addict. Ed was a legend. Farrah too. Insomniacs will miss Billy Mays.

The so-called coup was nothing of the sort. According to the Honduran constitution, anyone who attempts to mess with the Constitution, especially the 2-term limit for the president, loses their office. Manuel Zelaya, the former President, tried to, was told no by the courts, tried to circumvent the courts and got his ass kicked out for it. Not a coup. Just the law doing its job.

President Obama really screwed the pooch on Iran. His harshest condemnations came weeks after the obvious manipulation of the election, after the initial beatings, killings and kidnappings, after the worst parts of the riots had occurred. And even then, he's sticking to the fences like a twisting vine, hoping to score points with the Iranian regime while not looking like a total sellout to the democracy movement in Iran. Shameful.

Cap and trade. Also known as the tax the Dems didn't tell you about. Also know as the way they plan to pay for universal health care. Also known as the worst damn idea based on the most emotional issue ever known to modern politics aside from the Civil Rights movement. People are nuts about global warming, now labeled climate change, with evidence changing everyday. "It was warming, now it's cooling, but that's because the Earth was warming, so all our ideas must be true", so goes the narrative. The funny thing is that science is never complete. It's dynamic. It's always changing. The Earth is always changing, hence the countless extinctions, the rise and fall of dominate species and so on. The Left's religious conviction of global catastrophe due to carbon emissions is amusing and kind of dangerous.

Like cap and trade, the narrative on UHC is just as amusing and dangerous. Today, someone my wife knows talked about the "public option" and how we need to have it. Dude, we have a public option. It's called Medicare and Medicaid. It's the government paying nearly 50% of health care costs right now. It's the very evil lie that single payer, a government monopoly, would be more efficient and less costly than modern companies, and it would be in the name of the market. What bullshit. Give me an industry and I'll show you how the government effs it up. I'm not against a public option, I'm fully against a public option being the ONLY option.

On a tail note, don't let crap like "public option" pass. You see it, you crush it under the reality of the world. You crush their lies. You crush their "hope".

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Libertarian Advocate said...

Scott Rasmussen has a number of interesting polls out about which I posted today.

Turns out that Americans are NOT at all in gavor of Cap & Trade, particulalrly when its "benefits" mean paying more for energy and strongly oppose it if it means job-losses. Also, BOZ's approval Index has slipped to -3