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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Linkage Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Instead of a girl as my first picture, I'll post my state. So hot! 92 degrees today hot!

First, sickening news from the Left's love of the "wise Latina woman" (for someone's who for her Latino heritage, she doesn't know redundancy in her language). The Prof has a lot on it too, saying New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci is no Antia Hill. Triple-R also puts in his two cents. Always good when RRR gets into it.

The Other McCain's genius tackles the media's crappiness about the Honduran lawful removal, David Brooks becoming Perez Hilton and the amazingness of UHC (NOT!).

The wonderful Pat talks about the spread of "going Galt", the Obama cult's continuing creepiness and the Pentagon's concern for your health.

NoSheeples warns of the the stimulus trap Obama has set for America. American Power shows off the "stimulus" promoters and their errors... many errors.

And Libertarian Advocate finds juicy cultural no-nos that Obama apparently committed in Russia.

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Pat Austin said...

Thanks for the link! And hey, it's hot here too. 103. Have a cold beer.