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Friday, December 4, 2009

YTSTAP: Gay Marriage Activists - Like A Rottie To A Baby

So there's a new “documentary” coming out pinning the California gay marriage defeat squarely on the chest on the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Not happy to leave the Mormons, and by proxy Utah, alone, director Reed Cowen rounds up the usual noisy celebrities and scum-sucking politicans like Gavin Newsom and former SLC mayor Rocky “I'm Too Busy Harassing George Bush To Run The City” Anderson. The movie's approved synopsis makes sure you know that Prop 8 was all the fault of Mormons and no one else.

Except there's a tincy, wincy little problem in that. It's a big, fat, pus-filled lie.

Mormons make up about 2% of California's population. That's every man, woman and child, voting age or not. Catholics make up near 30% (that's about 11 million Californians). Protestants make up over 33% of Californians. I'd like to know how exactly 750 000 Mormons of all shapes and ages hoodwinked the other 30 million Californians into voting down gay marriage.

They didn't.

I know it goes against the Left's fantasy of big, bad religious persecution, but it wasn't that big temple in Utah that voted down gay marriage, but the little churches spread across California. It was the little Catholic church I lived a few blocks from in Hollywood. It was the Protestant church in Compton, in Oakland, in San Diego. It was the beliefs of Latino Catholics, black Protestants, eastern European Orthodox and Oriental Catholic Asians. It was the work of Christian belief, not Mormon malevolence.

But alas, since the Left doesn't like going after minorities for social injustice (when's the last time Al Sharpton stood with a non-black victim of black violence?), the mostly white Mormon church is the target, and with it, the people of Utah.

I'm a supporter of state-by-state gay marriage. If a state wants it, it'll vote it in or pass a law for it. Gay marriage by judicial fiat is less desirable, but its up to the citizens of that state to deal with that. My main concern is federalism. Each state has the right to mold it's society as it sees fit within the Constitution. If Prop 8, or any other traditional marriage proposition, came across my desk I'd vote it down. That's what I believe, along with many other libertarian-minded conservatives.

But I cannot have these know-nothing, half-baked, Micheal Moore-wannabe “filmmakers” attacking my state because they don't have the balls to go after the core voters that put Prop 8 on California's books. Like a rottie to a baby, these lip-frothing cowards aim for the weakest link in the traditional marriage chain and go for the throat, hoping to kill it in one blow and wave it around like a rag doll. In the year since Prop 8, countless moderates, libertarians and conservative sympathizers have thrown up the warning signs to the LGBT activists. The signs say: SHUT THE F*** UP! YOU AREN'T HELPING!

It's a good lesson. No one likes madness-infected attack dogs. No one wants them, except the most irresponsible, unintelligent and vicious people on the planet.

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