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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I'm Right Wing

I've been asked why I believe why I believe countless times. Debate rivals, friends and especially family have asked me “why?”. Its a good question, as only two years ago I was an adherent to Anarchism and anti-capitalism. My views were radical, to say the least, and I argued issues based on out-of-the-world theories of anti-hierarchal society and city-state nationalism. I had the entire world figured out in my head and on paper. If only those were good enough to live on.

The last time I really explained myself was two years ago. My future wife's friends were asking about my views after she had tried to explain them. I typed out a few pages on the basics of Anarchism, anti-capitalism and anti-hierarchal society. I don't think they fully got what I had put down, but even I had very little understanding of the entirety of anarchist theory, and I did not expect people not really in to ideological theory to get something I only knew superficially.

I hope this new and improved explanation will be better understood since I have come to understand the complex nature of markets, politics and ideology in much greater detail than I did two years ago. I hope through this essay I am able to spell out the “why?” of my conversion and answer any questions for those who knew me before, and those who know me now.

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