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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No on Prop 8 Group Pushes Disgusting Anti-Mormon Ad

I'm all for gay marriage, but this ad makes me want Prop 8 (the one-man, one woman marriage Amendment to the CA Constitution) to succeed out of spite.

I'm an atheist, but by the will of our Founders we were blessed with the ability to believe what we want freely and that includes Mormons. Such beliefs come in the form of political donations and political support for causes and the LDS and their fellowship have chosen Prop 8. They are within their right to donate, despite the countless number of layman commenters that say its a violation of church-and-state. Apparently, the separation of church-and-state is about preventing religion for occurring, instead of just mixing the church and political spheres as King Philip II did or leftist hero Woodrow Wilson:
"He was passionate in his relationship with his God. All that came from a kind of much-repressed but inward highly burning fire. . . . He believed that he was directed by God, and he frequently said so. He thought that God had made him president of the United States.”
Faith is part of freedom, no matter what stripe of faith you have. Attacking someone for their faith by using the worst of stereotypes about them is equal to the bigotry the "No" group thinks they're stopping.

I swear, if the end of the world came and it came down to the California leftists and the LDS, I'd kiss Joseph Smith's picture and put on my best tie. I cannot abide such idiocy.

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